Benojo for Government


Government departments and agencies today have a responsibility beyond just policy and budget fulfillment. Similar to that of the corporate sector, ethics, brand personality and social impact have become key factors when it comes to consumer perception, employee satisfaction and the ability to attract and retain talent. Consequently social sustainability has become a key benchmark.

Doing good as a public sector organisation has never been so pertinent and relevant.

EVERY GOVERNMENT ORGANISATION Needs a different approach

No two government organisations have the same strategy, resources and goals when it comes to developing and executing giving and community programs. Choosing who to support - and how - can be a complex, costly and a time consuming process.

So to ensure government organisations whether at Federal, State or Local level get their ‘doing good’ programs just right, Benojo have developed a suite of public sector specific consulting, education, professional development and technology solutions, all of which can be tailored.

At Benojo we take the complexity and risk out of developing and executing giving programs for government, whilst ensuring there are measurable benefits and returns back to the department and its employees.

How we help Government

Governmental departments often bear huge responsibilities whilst facing enormous challenges. Such pressures mean internal collaboration, public relations and community involvement can be de-prioritised.

We invite government to take a special place in our marketplace by offering the opportunity to save costs and form valuable collaborations while measurably making a positive impact on constituents both locally and globally.

 A typical workflow for government departments. Of course, yours will be different.

A typical workflow for government departments. Of course, yours will be different.


Consulting & Education

The success of any giving program starts with effective goal setting, strategy development, business process design,  and a sound execution, communication and evaluation plan.

Getting it right takes a great deal of skill, knowledge and discipline, and sometimes knowing where to start or add value to existing programs can be a significant challenge.

To assist clients in delivering highly successful giving programs, Benojo have developed proprietary and public sector specific consulting, education and professional development offerings, designed to be tailored to the needs of any public sector organisation.


Our online social marketplace as a technology platform is a robust enabler for the successful rollout of any government charitable giving program.

It provides a one-stop-shop for the needs of any organisation no matter how simple or complex their needs. Execution, management, visibility, administration, reporting and measurement of any program is now simple and easy to manage and more importantly, all in one place.

Managing multiple charity partners and spreadsheets, individuals employees, teams and functions all using different websites and platforms, collating impact reports using multiple data sets and formats, managing the hundreds of emails that go with volunteering initiatives and many other similar challenges can now be a thing of the past.