For individuals

At Benojo we empower everyone to make a meaningful contribution to make our world a better place.

How?.... via a free online social marketplace which matches your talents and resources to the causes you most want to help, through donating, fundraising, pro-bono work or volunteering.

But you’re never alone. We invite you to join this marketplace and collaborate with your work colleagues, friends and community.

It’s easy and free.

Here’s how to get involved:

Get Involved

It's easy:

1. Create your own Benojo profile

2. Share what you care about

3. Share how you would like to contribute to things you care about

We take care of the matching of your offers of help to where it is needed most and who you can collaborate with.

You choose when or how to participate.

How does it work?

Everything revolves around your Benojo profile and the preferences you set. You share how you want to make a difference - on your terms.

Your online profile follows you wherever you go - a new job, new community, even a new country - and gives you a snapshot of all your giving over your lifetime.

All the good you create – transactions, stories, outcomes – are captured for you to view and share with others, and through your Benojo profile you can connect with others and join forces to create even greater impact.

Or, if you're already registered: